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Meet our Team

Jonathan Cubeta

Jonathan Cubeta

Visionary and Creator

Jonathan Cubeta was a man of passion. When he wanted something he went for it full force. Jonathan never held back and always put his heart and soul into everything he did. After surviving testicular cancer, he made his health and fitness a true priority with the hopes of sharing his passion with others. When his cancer returned in 2019 and he was confined to a wheelchair, he made it his new goal to make fitness accessible and adaptable to all with no limits. Unfortunately, after bravely fighting until the very end, he lost his fight in June 2020. Jonathan made his mark regardless. With this mission he gave us the opportunity to share his legacy with the world. 


Tessa Eichelberger

Executive Director

Tessa is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer with a concentration in special needs training. It has been a passion of hers to provide individual training, nutrition counseling, and  life skills adaptive coaching to those in the special needs community. She and her friend Jonathan always talked of opening a training studio specifically for those in this community to give them the outlet they need and deserve. While there are plenty of services for children, young adults and adults lack a facility to train for events like the Special Olympics or exercise in general. They wanted to help with that. Unfortunately, Jonathan passed away from Cancer in 2020. Tessa has made it her mission to help make this dream a reality. She wants to give this community a home. A safe space. A place to belong.

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