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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age eligible for training?

The minimum age for training at Strong Poss-Abilities is 13.  There is no maximum age.

What are some of the conditions/limitations that are accepted?

At Strong Poss-Abilities, there is no condition/limitation that is not welcome. However, to name some of the conditions Tessa has worked with in the past are:  MS, Down Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD, ADD, Aspergers, PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.

What services are offered at Strong Poss-Abilities?

Strong Poss-Abilities offers personal one-on-one training, nutrition counseling, and adaptive needs life skills coaching. For more information, go to our Services Page.

Does exercise improve focus?

Exercise is one of the best and most effective ways to improve focus.  It also improves concentration, mood, and motivation.  Studies show that exercise improves memory and boosts the brain's production of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.  All are known neurotransmitters that aid in focus, memory, and attention.

Why should you hire a personal trainer?

A personal trainer can improve your execution of exercise routines, compared to performing them on your own. A personal trainer will help you get the most of of each exercise activity. A knowledgeable trainer can also help reduce your risk of contracting an injury while exercising. They can also give you advice on proper nutrition and diet, as well as help you move with more intention towards your goals.

Does exercise make MS symptoms worse?

Aggressive exercise routines can worsen and exacerbate symptoms for people with Multiple Sclerosis. However, a gentler approach to regular aerobic exercise offers a lot of benefits for people who have MS. 

Proper exercise can:

  • reduce fatigue

  • improve balance

  • increase strength

  • decrease spasticity

  • improve bladder and bowel control

Further studies also show that resistance training helps slow down the progression of MS in certain individuals.

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